Friday, September 24, 2010

Clarendon Grill Reopens

After several months being closed for renovations, one of the cornerstones of local nightlife Clarendon Grill has reopened. I checked out their updated interior and improved menu on Thursday night. The bacon Jackhammer burger was delicious, and so was the spicy "Bomb" sandwich shown here with carrot slices instead of fries.

The interior was as loud as ever, and hard to carry a conversation. It would probably be easier to talk at the new "bump outs" at the bar, where the angles allow patrons to face each other slightly.

Tonight was the first weekend evening for the new grill, and there was quite a line later in the night to get in, although not any longer than Spider Kelly's or the Ballroom regularly have. Tonight Full Effect is playing, and Saturday night the well known local cover band Gonzo's Nose will christen the stage.