Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fireworks Pizza in Courthouse

Fireworks Pizza just opened last week down the street in Courthouse to much fanfare and anticipation. The large restaurant on Clarendon Blvd and N. Adams St. offers an air eating area, bar with TV, and a surprising amount of outdoor seating. There is also an interesting looking outdoor fireplace that is available to eat around, but they have not lit it yet. I highly recommend dining outside if the weather permits.

Their staples are obvious, with good beer and pizza selections, although the spinach dip appetizer was delicious. Their beer choices were my favorite part, and they came in nice branded glasses as well. The pizza was good but honestly can't compete with Pupatella on Wilson.

I'm very happy that Fireworks opened in this section of town, as it will help out the nightlife in this border region between Clarendon and Courthouse. There was plenty of foot traffic around Clarendon Blvd during the day, which also makes it a great people watching venue.


Josh said...

pricing for some beers is normal, couple good prices, while 4oz. samples and bottles were extremely high. also heard they ran out of pizza dough sat night... glad I got there early enough

Anonymous said...

The bartenders are very knowledgeable about the beer selection.

Legs said...

I still need to try this out! I'm disappointed the pizza isn't as good as Pupatella, though. I love that place!

Jacki said...

According to the bartenders there, happy hour starts to night with $5 10" pies, select $3 drafts, and wines at $4-5/glass

Laura Rubinchuk said...

You're crazy!! The Fireworks pizza was WAY better than Pupa! I thought the crust was saucy/soggy at Pupatella!!

Anonymous said...

My 10-year-old pizza connoisseur has a new favorite pizza place: "oh my god, that sausage is fantastic!". Sorry, Sette Bello and Pupatella, you're off the island.

The menu is 40% food and 60% drinks, which is fine. But if they sell in that proportion they'll have trouble keeping their ABC license. How about listing the non-alcoholic drinks, too? The Abita Root Beer was a great surprise to the kid. I'd have ordered it too if I had known.