Friday, July 16, 2010

Rosslyn Outdoor Film Festival

Tonight was the free outdoor showing of the 90s classic drama "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" at Gateway park in Rosslyn. A small park at the foot of the 14th street Key bridge and one block north of the Metro, its a nice location for the fun and casual Friday Film Festival series.

Tonight was hot and humid and not too crowded. If you arrive after 8:30 you will have a hard time claiming a plot of grass. The event starts around 6pm with games like bean bag toss and t-shirts as prizes. One of the pre-movie videos featured local comedian Remy promoting the Arlington arts community.

Make sure to bring a blanket for your group, or better yet a very low chair. Regular sized chairs will block the view of people behind you, unless you sit on the pavement on the edges of the park. Also recommended is to bring a cooler with chilled water and snacks to fend off the summer heat, or just grab an ice cream cone from the McDonald's next door.

Next week "Empire Records" is playing.


Anonymous said...

At the foot of the Key Bridge - not 14th Street Bridge...

Clarendon Nights said...

Thanks for the correction on that typo!

Walter said...

This looks like a pretty interesting event to go to, since I love going to outdoor movies. Also in Denver, outdoor movies are good, with comfortable grasslands to sit down and relax while the cold night winds breezing past you.

Other than movies in Denver, outdoor concerts are usually occurs at summer, so the whole family can enjoy the different kinds of music being played.