Saturday, May 15, 2010

Clarendon makes you lose your underwear

Walking down Highland Street on this nice summer day, I was surprised to find a pair of woman's underwear found discarded on the sidewalk. Since the neighborhood offers much nightlife entertainment mixing young people and alcohol, it isn't that shocking but more humorous.

Except this was at 9pm. A little early for losing ones underthings in public, isn't it?

My mind is instantly filled with questions: How did they get here? Surely these things do not just fall off. Possibly someone threw it at a pedestrian as they drove past as a joke?

And then more questions: How long would this lacy thing stay on the street corner? Maybe this is a Punked style setup, waiting to see which wierdo picks up discarded underwear.

Another night where I thank Clarendon for providing me with a silly story.