Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Hour @ Mexicali Blues

I wanted to check out the brand new Lyon Hall's menu this Thursday night, as I've heard so much buzz about it. But when I walked in at about 6pm it was already full, and because the kitchen is not yet in full swing they have limited number of tables open for dinner service. I will come back another day, and I recommend to call first and make a reservation if you want to try this French brasserie.

Instead, I dined at another popular local establishment, Mexicali Blues. On the corner of Garfield Street in the middle of the Clarendon strip, it has ample outdoor seating.

I wasn't that impressed with Mexicali Blues' food offerings. Some portions like their burritos are quite large, but their tacos seem lacking and underwhelming. But this venue really stands out as a great happy hour location. It's laid back and airy outdoor seating puts anyone in a good mood when meeting up for drinks after work, and they serve $1.50 drafts from 5 - 7pm Wed and Thurs nights.

Recommended for a nice happy hour spot for friends or coworkers!