Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Metro Christmas

Thanks to Unsuck DC Metro for providing interesting local Christmas photos and movies like this one:

Video credit to Stacey Viera (StaceyViera.com)

Also, if you feel you need to escape your family today and listen to some local music, IOTA is open from 7pm to 2am with no cover charge.

Merry Christmas Clarendon!

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Paul said...

I've seen that Korean hymn singer on the Metro fairly often for the past several years. He has no interest in money and he doesn't confront anybody. Frankly I enjoy the proselytizing, in that D.C. is so white-wash politically correct. And the greatest thrill is to look around at the faces of commuters, to pick out that reliably angry bourgeoisie Patagonia-clad liberal who left his/her heart at Harvard, Berkeley et al., who shakes his/her head in haughty disgust. Then, there are the out-of-town tourists from Real America who are absolutely charmed. Gotta love D.C.