Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Velocity Five

Velocity Five opened its doors in Courthouse a few months ago. Its a typical northern Virginia sports bar that attempts to be more upscale than other typical northern Virginia Sports bars.

It has some nice outdoor setting, and is smoke free. But that hasn't saved it from the mediocre reviews on Yelp.

The best thing this sports bar has is its location near a metro station, as well as being strategically located across from Ray's the Steaks. That upscale steak house is definitely worth visiting, especially when they have their $20 soup and steak and desert special available.

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Dmbosstone said...

I wasn't impressed with Velocity Five either, I just wrote my take on it the other day which will be on DC Metblogs later this week.


I do wanna try Ray's the Steaks soon however.