Saturday, January 10, 2009

True Womanhood @ Black Cat

True Womanhood opened up the back stage at Black Cat tonight. A new indie band called Pow Wow, lead by the multi-talented shoe-gazer Mary Timony, followed them.

I liked TW's experimental indie tunes, with one of their songs (wish I could remember its name) having Radiohead-like overtures. But the most enjoyable aspect was Melissa's thumping bass tunes.

I wasn't a fan of the people waving streamers in the front row the whole time. Its cool that TW has support from friends to come out and participate in the show, but it seemed gimmicky. And their music could stand on its own without gimmicks.

And also, if you do ever wave streamers in front of a band's show, please please please wave them in accordance with the current beat of the song. Its fairly annoying when TW was playing a mellow tune and the streamer people were going crazy with their sticks and ribbons.