Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rome In A Day @ Clarendon Grill

Once again I got the privilege to watch Rome In A Day perform at the Grill. James Stevens lead the band with great energy and is a great on-stage performer. Jay Brazao made the thumb-slap/finger-pluck technique look easy on his two bass guitars. Ali DiPippo was incredible, with ferocious guitaring and backup vocals. I couldn't tell you anything about Adam Lee's drumming because I've never played drums and have no context to judge him, and I was just a little distracted by Ali's hotness =)

Ali's performance was so good she could easily do her own solo guitar act at Iota sometime, but their style is more 90's rock and cover songs.

For only a $5 cover these guys are a bargin! I would have easily paid alot more to see them live. They will be playing again at Dogfish Head on August 7th!