Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Smoking Ban in Virginia starts today

Smoking ban went into effect today for all Virginia bars and restaurants. Many Clarendon venues already placed voluntary bans on cigarettes on their patrons, so only in a few locations will the change be noticeable.

I'm curious the most about how this will change the atmosphere in notoriously smoky venues like Clarendon Grill. Are smokers going to be herded out to the back patio?

I'm happy about the ban, as I'm looking forward to my clothes not reeking of smoke after leaving a local show.

Thanks to Loudouni.com for updates and videos.


KyleConrad said...

Clarendon Grill hasn't allowed smoking indoors in a long, long time. The outside patio has been the only place to smoke for at least a year now.

Maybe you mean Whitlow's?

YBR said...

I believe Kyle is right, I was there on Saturday and believe smokers were required to be outside.

The VA smoking ban is good because smoking affects public health and like it or not, it's the government's job to mitigate potential public health problems. Now, telling an individual to quit smoking is another story.

Clarendon Nights said...

Thanks Kyle for correcting me. Last time I went to the Grill it was very smoky, I must not have been there since they changed policies.

I'm guessing the roof of Ballroom will be a smoker's haven?

Josh said...

you were never allowed to smoke IN the ballroom itself. at least for the last 5/6 years or so I've been in clarendon. whitlows is going to allow smoking in at the very least the 'sandbar' and possibly the middle room w/ the 3 pool tables...